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    New Zealand Lawmakers Allow Citizens to Poop in Public, Regret it Later

    When it comes to pooping laws, things can turn crappy very quickly. Only recently, there has been tension rising in New Zealand for something related to pooping laws. We don’t exactly know if it was the bored lawyers having a little bit of fun, perhaps a senior lawmaker was in that situation himself. But for some reason, the lawmakers found it necessary to legalize urinate or defecate out in the open.

  • Father Stopped Son From Marrying
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    Father Stopped Son From Marrying Because His Own Experience Gave Birth To A Demonic Offspring

    Mahmood Ullah from KPK is a 28-year-old man, who is ready to get married and fulfill his dreams. He registered an FIR against his father at the local station. When asked he said that he wanted to keep himself chaste and wanted to get married, but his father isn’t letting him do so. His father is not making any effort or being aware of their responsibility.

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    Boston Agency Installs Urine Sensors In Elevators

    the Boston transit agency has come up with an amazing solution. Acting on the idea, the elevator engineer and urine specialist has explained, “The floor is electrified along with the corner spots. Especially the corner spots. If a stream of stinking yellow water falls on it, it will electrify your family jewels.”

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    Thailand Makes Cannabis Legal Again

    The transformation of the president came quite capriciously. It was reported that the president was leading an anti-narcotics team to rid a tourist camp off all the drugs, especially cannabis tampons and some very special stuff that would make you see stars in broad daylight. Someone handed him a free first dose, and then the president asked for more.

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    California State Legally Declares Bees As Fish

    The 1970 Act of the state protects fish as the invertebrates. To protect bees, a court of Sacramento has legally ruled that bees are now a kind of fish, and it would be illegal to harm them in any way. Through this law, the state is actively protecting the bees from going extinct. Although it is quite an interesting approach to protecting insects, it sure is quite an untraditional way of doing so.

  • Resident Evil Netflix Series
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    Resident Evil Netflix Series Features Kardashians

    Resident Evil Netflix has taken the internet by storm. The iconic zombie outbreak franchise has secured more numbers in terms of viewership than any other similar-themed series. However, this just in, the director of the latest Resident Evil, premiering on Netflix in 2022 has revealed exciting and somewhat disturbing news.

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