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    Get Paid To Eat Junk Food!

    there is an amazing company in the UK that is going to award you for eating greasy junk food. That’s right. Your pastime hobby or your favorite thing after that dreadful breakup can be your full-time job. The best part? You get paid PKR 1 Lakhs. If someone calls you fat and lazy, just ask them how much they are making and how they are making it.

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    Boomer Spends 84 Years In A Shipping Job

    Walter Orthmann, a hundred-year-old boomer has set a world record and a forever taunt for all of our generations by working consistently in a company for about 84 years. While some of us are struggling to face our boss after six months or deeply contemplating where to run off to next, this man just gave his entire life to a company.

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    Signs That You Should Get a New Doctor

    There are times when you realize that your current doctor is not the right one. Many signs can point towards that. You are not getting the right treatment, they call the police on you and loudly scream, ‘creep get out of my house at midnight.

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    Police Arrests a Bird and Puts Him behind the Bar

    This just in, the Police Depart of a country (the name of which we will not be disclosed but you might have already figured it out) has broken all records of catching criminals. The story took place several days ago, when Mrs. Shakeela, a local had registered a claim that she had been robbed. While she was out there, taking a walk across the park, someone broke in through the window. Mrs. Shakeela had sighted the robber, though she said that due to being off her meds for more than a month, she couldn’t identify who it was.

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    Meteorite Passing Through Earth’s Atmosphere is Reason For All its Problems

    2022 cannot stop handing us gifts, and historic nightmares for the history students. It sure is one of the most nightmarish times for a history student to start their majors in this subject.  In case if you were waiting for the aliens, now is the time to shine for our cosmic neighbors. Given the situation of earth, we would beg them to stay and perhaps include them in everything that is happening on earth. That is to say if they haven’t already spotted the earth and its mess, and already decided to ditch this floating space rock.

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    Otherworldly Wreckage Is NASA’s Detached Space Junk

    We love to live in a sci-fi world. We all would love to be a part of a world that revels in making new discoveries and loves moving forward while taking sci-fi leaps. Only recently, NASA has amped up our expectations as it passed the news that ‘otherworldy’ wreckage had been discovered on Mars.

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    Could Coca-Cola be Elon Musk’s New Love

    Elon Musk Purchasing Coca-Cola – There are two things that Elon Musk is famous for. One: making insane claims that nobody is going to believe and people are definitely going to be making memes of. Two: Actually making true on those claims and trolling the trolls who were trolling him on social media.

  • Elon Musk’s Love Story
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    Elon Musk’s Love Story With Twitter Comes To A Nice Conclusion

    In a lot of ways, the love story of Elon Musk and Twitter rivals the cringy romantic saga of the classic nerd Bella and the shiny vampire boy Edward in Twilight. They have been a lot like an unrequited couple that has won. All it took was passion, commitment from Elon Musks’s side, and 43 billion USD through which you can pretty much send any trouble flying off the window. But the story here is far more complex.

  • Desi Ami and Personal Space
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    Desi Ami and Personal Space – No Mix At All

    Chances are if you grew up in a desi household, your personal life is not so personal. Nearly everyone from your great aunt to that distant annoying cousin residing in another city might know about your latest crush and the time at which you enter your house late at night.

  • Whatsapp last seen
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    Now You Will Be Able To Hide Your ‘Last Seen’ On Whatsapp

    We all have one nasty person on our contacts list on Whatsapp whose messages we don’t want to reply to. It might be a reply from our ex, or perhaps it might be that nagging relative. Or sometimes, our fuses are just short and we want to act like we haven’t seen a message. Then boom, you suddenly opened the chatbox and now you must reply to that peculiar message just to avoid being rude.

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