Karachi-The New Venice

Rains are welcomed with all enthusiasm. The smell of coffee, chai, and pakoras. It’s mesmerizing. Well! Not so in Karachi, which has invited the Arabian Sea to invade its streets. Since the government had announced that Karachi will be made just like Venice, so here the monsoon rains have converted the old city into a new Venice. The citizens are enjoying living on the island with boats moving around, and having the best time of their lives. You don’t need to visit Paris or France now, you just need to visit Karachi to have that exotic experience.

It is not the first time Karachi is flooded and floating. It has been like this for a century. It has always been abandoned and remains so. Mini Pakistan has been ignored and neglected by the government. There is no end to their misery.

Karachi in the early 1900s
Karachi in 1984

Adnan Siddiqui took it to his Instagram by posting a picture, which went viral. His picture is captioned, “Is this Venice? Is this Italy?… No! Its Zaib-un-Nisa Street former name Elphinstone (Elfi) Street, Saddar in our good old Karachi! Ladies and gentlemen, we have Venice right in the middle of our lovely city.”

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He said that the Karachi Mayor had indeed kept a promise, “The Karachi MAYOR, when he spoke to his counterpart in Italy, promised to turn Karachi into Venice. The results are quite splendid!” he added sarcastically, “Head to Elfi street to experience Italy in Pakistan…at your own risk.”


The netizens love to make memes whenever they find content for it. They did not spare the Karachi rains and it’s hilarious. We had made a collection of pictures and memes for you.



Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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