Latest Drama, ‘Chand Tara’ Has Lovely Vibes

Every year during Ramadan, a whole new and incredible drama series is released. This year’s new drama series Chand and Tara has fans going crazy over it.

Chand Tara is a simply stunning and romantic drama series of Ramadan
Chand Tara is a simply stunning and romantic drama series of Ramadan

This Ramadan, don’t miss the incredible drama that is Chand Tara. This drama features significant roles for Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan. It’s a dramatic and touching love story. This drama has only shown two episodes so far, yet it has already become a Twitter trending topic.

Nain Tara, the character, is a gynecologist who was raised in a strict household by her own doctor’s mother. In contrast, the character Chand, a software engineer is done by Danish Taimoor who has a shared family structure.

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The drama revolves around the couple giving out extraordinary couple goals.

Another person tweeted that this beautiful couple decorated his Instagram story with their beautiful chemistry.

Another person tweeted that he totally loved the scene when Tara’s mother caught Chand giving the bouquet to Tara on her birthday.

In addition, someone wrote that this duo is the cutest couple they’ve ever seen in a drama together.

Another fan tweeted,’ This was the hilarious one, Was laughing so badly while watching this scene.’

As the name of the drama suggests, a person tweeted,’ eyes and star emoji because her name is Nain Tara??’

The news on Twitter is also about venus and the moon being spotted together. People-loving drama serial Chand Tara combined it with this venus and the moon saying,’Chand and Tara spotted together.’

Twitter was completely taken over by Ayeza’s endearing performance as an actress.

We really cannot wait until additional episodes of this program are shown throughout the holy month of Ramadan. Read more from our Funny Section

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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