Researchers Predicting Eid to be on 22nd April

Eid ul Fitr occurs on the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal, which is defined by the sighting of the crescent moon.

Moon-sighting researchers have predicted Eid date
Moon-sighting researchers have predicted Eid date

The Ruet-i-Hilal Research Council (RHRC) stated on Friday that it is probable that Eid ul Fitr would be observed on 22nd April across the entirety of the country this year.

The Shawwal moon will be sighted on Thursday, April 20, according to the Secretary-General of the Council, Khalid Ijaz Mufti, who stated that the meeting of the committee would take place on that day.
In the event that the crescent is seen on Thursday evening, the holiday of Eid ul-Fitr will be observed the following day, on Friday, April 21. On the other hand, he stated that it was quite improbable that the moon would be seen that same evening.

During 30 days of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, he predicted that Eid would be celebrated on April 22.

The council predicts that the moon will be born on Thursday, April 20 at 9:13 a.m. Pakistan Standard Time. The moon should be more than 19 hours old at sunset on the evening of the 29th of Ramazan in order to be seen. It stated, however, that the wait time would be less than 10 hours anywhere in Pakistan.

As a result, the expected 40-minute gap between sunset and moonset would be reduced to only 21 minutes in Peshawar, Gilgit, Muzaffarabad, Charsadda, Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Quetta, and Jiwani, and to just 20 minutes in Lahore and Karachi, according to the report.

According to the Mufti, the end of Ramadan will be marked on April 21, and the beginning of Shawwal will be celebrated the next day, on April 22. In addition, he stated emphatically that nobody in any part of Pakistan on the evening of April 20 would see the crescent moon.

According to his prediction, the moon would be older than 33 hours at sunset throughout the entirety of Pakistan on the evening of April 21. In addition, there will be an enormous 80-minute gap between sunset and moonset.

He noted that the crescent would emerge thick and late on the night of the 30th fast, causing some to assume it is a two-day-old crescent. The first crescent from Sharia and science.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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