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  • Drugs In Unlikely Places
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    Drugs In Unlikely Places

    Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) of Pakistan has recently caught 30 Kg of ice absorbed in prayer mats, towels, and ladies’ clothing. They were to be delivered to Australia by Arshad Ali, a citizen of Lahore.

  • Mother Daughter Get Released From Indian Jail
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    Mother Daughter Get Released From Indian Jail

    The mother and daughter were handed to Pakistani authorities at Wagah Border on Saturday. Pakistani High Commission officials accompanied Sumaira along with her daughter. She still has to go through some legal documentation and processes to be fully released and complete her migration. However, Sumaira is officially no longer a prisoner.

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    6 Best Memes Of Elon Musk In The Year 2022

    Elon Musk is also changing the world with his wonderful innovations. However, his name has also been involved in many controversial topics. Considering how much fodder for memes the founder of OpenAI and Neuralink is, the memers made it their sacred duty to make as many memes of Elon Musk as possible.

  • Putin To Jupiter
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    2 Million USD Raised To Send Putin To Jupiter

    The origin of this campaign stems from the Ukrainian government, launched by the Ministry of Digital Transformation. The campaign is boldly poking fun at Putin and aims to send him into the deep space. People are generously donating to this campaign. The overall goal is to raise as many as 100 million USD to send the ‘bloody dictator’ to Jupiter.

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