Once Again”Kuch Ankahi” is Breaking the Stereotypes of in-Laws

Fans have shown their affection for this drama in the past as well.

In a television setting often filled with tensions and strained relationships between in-laws,  a recent episode of the popular pakistani drama kuch ankahi series  delivered a heartwarming scene breaking those stereotypes that left viewers touched

The remarkable interaction between experienced actress Asma Abbas, who plays Zareena, and the talented Mira Sethi, who plays Samiya, provided a breath of fresh air for viewers, as it showed an extraordinary bond between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law that one often does not get to witness.

The scene in question swirls around Sethi’s character finding an old picture – an image that had long eluded Abbas’ character. The cherished picture is found wrapped up in the clothes belonging to Zareena. In a rare portrayal on Pakistani television, Abbas’ character reaches out to caress Sethi’s character’s face with a deep sense of love and asks, “Should bad times come upon us, you won’t leave us, will you? You are my help now.” The earnestness and weakness in Abbas’ character’s plea set the tone for the poignant moment that follows.

Samiya answers right away, “Aunty, there will no longer be any bad times.” Her encouragement comes from a place of real love and care, showing Abbas that she will be by their side through good times and bad. This conversation is different from how the women in the family are usually shown to be fighting with each other because it shows a new sense of trust and unity.

Abbas’s character recognizes the good things Sethi’s character has done for the family by saying, “Yes, you’ve changed the whole house.” You’ll also change the course of my son’s life.” These words show how Samiya has changed the way the family works and how strong their bond has always been.

Fuschia interviewed Aaliya actor Sajal Aly. “We’re talking about women empowerment and this project has so many women at the center of the story with their own individual narratives,” said Aly. We help each other in the writing and on set. We support each other—Vaneeza [Ahmed], Mira, Qudsia [Ali]. “Supporting women authentically is the best feeling, and the serial captures that.”

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Aly said that Kuch Ankahi is a return to the kind of TV that used to be popular: “This is the kind of old-fashioned PTV family soap that you still remember. You’ll laugh, cry, and have a good time with us. It makes me feel a lot of different things.” Pakistani drama Kuch Ankahi since its release is breaking all the generic stereotypes which we all do need.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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