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  • Mental Health
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    4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During 2022

    The year 2022 has brought countless new challenges for people. If it is not the boiling politics of the states and the emerging chaos in the world, there is definitely plenty of reasons to get imbalanced. However, through small acts and juggling a little bit of work and life, you can easily make it through the daily routine. It was through the pandemic that many of us realized that mental health issues are very real.

  • Vaping
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    Vaping Causes More Harm Than Good

    Vaping is one of the most common trends in today’s youth. Nearly everyone from a teenager to young adults and even people beyond frequently use e-cigarettes. According to different sources and reports, more than 12 million people in the USA are avid users of e-cigarettes and vapes. More than 2 million high school students used them. These stats are taken from different studies and reports for the year 2021.

  • Desi Ami and Personal Space
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    Desi Ami and Personal Space – No Mix At All

    Chances are if you grew up in a desi household, your personal life is not so personal. Nearly everyone from your great aunt to that distant annoying cousin residing in another city might know about your latest crush and the time at which you enter your house late at night.

  • Slow Broadband Speed In Pakistan
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    Slow Broadband Speed In Pakistan – Blame No Fish

    SEA-ME-WE-4 is an optical fiber submarine communications cable system that carries telecommunications among Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, Italy, Tunisia, Algeria, and France. A failure in this submarine cable is responsible for causing slow broadband speed in Pakistan. Hopefully, this time another fish is not involved.

  • Ramadan traditions across the world
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    Ramadan Traditions Across The World

    Their sehri includes “lavasa” (a lighter version of bread), “gheyv czhot” (soft yet solid bread prepared with ghee), “shirmal” (flat milk bread sprinkled with poppy seeds), “katlam” (a flaky and deep-fried bread), “tchvoar” (a crispy bread sprinkled with sesame seeds), “kulcha” (a crispy and round-shaped bread sprinkled with poppy seeds) “bakirkhani” (ghee-soaked puff pastry) and a salty tea called “noon chai”.

  • Whatsapp last seen
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    Now You Will Be Able To Hide Your ‘Last Seen’ On Whatsapp

    We all have one nasty person on our contacts list on Whatsapp whose messages we don’t want to reply to. It might be a reply from our ex, or perhaps it might be that nagging relative. Or sometimes, our fuses are just short and we want to act like we haven’t seen a message. Then boom, you suddenly opened the chatbox and now you must reply to that peculiar message just to avoid being rude.

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    Work Only Four Days A Week – Fat Chance

    Several companies from all over the world are experimenting with four days a week and well, it is going perfectly well not just for them, but also for the employees. The company based in Idaho adopted this 4-day-work strategy. So far, it has resulted in better employee performances and somewhat excellent business revenues.

  • Saturdays Free
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    A Nonsense Guide To Getting Your Saturdays Free

    The Saturday holidays are quite fickle. Lucky are those who manage to avail it. However, some of us aren’t so lucky at all. Some are required to work on Saturdays that means you will have to work for six days a week. Considering how kind and affectionate corporate culture is, sometimes people also want you to work on Sundays. Plus points if you sacrifice your sleep and family for your corporate overlords…

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