Ariana Grande and her Husband Separated after 2 years!

They started dating in January 2020, and 11 months later, they said they were getting married.

ariana grande husband
The marriage between Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez sadly ended this year. Ariana grande husband has separeted ways....

The marriage between Ariana Grande Husband Dalton Gomez and her ended earlier this year. A source told that the 30-year-old Positions artist and the 27-year-old high-end real estate buyer have been trying to stay friends since they broke up. TMZ was the first to report the news.

A person close to the couple said that the fact that they lived in different places was a big reason why they decided to break up.

Ariana Grande spent a lot of time away from Gomez because she was busy making the movie version of Wicked in the United Kingdom. “She was happy for a few years when she lived in Los Angeles. “She wanted to live there with Dalton,” an insider told PEOPLE on Monday.

The source also said that Grande was happy to live in Los Angeles with Gomez at first, but that he had to stay there because he worked as a luxury real estate agent.

Due to Grande’s work schedule, their marriage turned into a long-distance romance. This made it hard for them to stay together.

The source said of Gomez’s job, “He is very dedicated to his career and needs to live in Los Angeles.” “It’s no doubt been a problem for them. Because of how busy his job is, Dalton can’t leave Los Angeles very often. So when Grande went to England to film Wicked, they knew they were going to have a long-distance marriage.”

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The source says that Ari has nothing but nice things to say about Dalton, even though the romance “didn’t work.” He was her biggest fan while they were married.” On Monday, a different source told PEOPLE that the couple had broken up earlier this year and “have been quietly and lovingly working on their friendship” since then.

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