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  • sorghum
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    Sorghum Cooperation-A New Milestone In CPEC

    In environmental conditions that are too harsh for other cereals to produce grains, sorghum is a viable choice. As a tropical plant, it has remarkable adaptability to various climates and soils except for saline and waterlogged soil and can withstand heat and drought stress better than maize.

  • Ramadan traditions across the world
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    Ramadan Traditions Across The World

    Their sehri includes “lavasa” (a lighter version of bread), “gheyv czhot” (soft yet solid bread prepared with ghee), “shirmal” (flat milk bread sprinkled with poppy seeds), “katlam” (a flaky and deep-fried bread), “tchvoar” (a crispy bread sprinkled with sesame seeds), “kulcha” (a crispy and round-shaped bread sprinkled with poppy seeds) “bakirkhani” (ghee-soaked puff pastry) and a salty tea called “noon chai”.

  • Iftar Special – Creamy Fruit Chaat
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    Iftar Special – Creamy Fruit Chaat

    Today, Neemopani brings you one of the delicious and most preferred iftar recipes. It’s none other than the fruity, juicy, easy to make, and light-to-eat fruit chaat.

  • Ramadan Recipes- Aloo Cheese Paratha
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    Sehri Special – Aloo Cheese Paratha

    Just like iftar, sehar is also an important part of Ramadan. We eat at dawn till the morning prayers i.e., Fajr. So, what you eat during this time should be healthy and fulfilling so, that you can get by your fast.

  • airfryer
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    5 Reasonable Air Fryers- Goodbye Oily Food

    Air fryers are a blessing in disguise amongst kitchen appliances. They do wonders, keeping in mind our cravings. Now, we can have fries and whatnot but in a healthy manner. It is a replacement for conventional ovens and microwaves, which sometimes spoil the food. It makes sure that your food is healthy.

  • Ramadan Recipes - Aloo Kay Dahi Baray
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    Iftar Special – Aloo Kay Dahi Baray

    Ramadan is here and with it all our sehar and iftar cravings. Yes, our desire to make something special easy, and extremely delicious, leads us to search for recipes that could satiate our cravings.

  • Weird Food Combos
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    Weird Food Combos That Pakistanis Love

    Weird food combos Pakistanis love – There is literally a list of some of the weirdest food combos that some Pakis will find very normal. For some, these food combos might be disgusting or even indigestible. However, some of us love and even gulp them in copious amounts.

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