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    Funny Responses to “Do You Have a Girlfriend?”

    If you are a member of APSA (All Pakistan Single Association), then not having a girlfriend can be hard. Especially if you are a boy who is constantly rejected by everyone. However, considering who is asking such a private question, your response may differ completely. If an auntie is asking so that she can talk about your marriage with your mother, than your response may differ from the situation when an attractive girl is asking.

  • Fashion Show
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    Fashion Show Where Everyone Wears Trash

    This just in, Paris has hosted an amazing Met Gala show where a new trend has been set in the world of fashion. The contestants made it to the headlines by dressing in literal trash. From plastic shopping bags to used up pizza boxes and dead racoons, everyone was dressed in tatters.

  • Dead Dog Air Freshener
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    Dead Dog Air Freshener For Beating Nasty Scents

    Scientists at Harvard University have been hard at work to find a proper solution for removing all hard-to-remove scents or odors from a site. After much pondering, ruthless experimenting, and somewhat budget cuts, scientists have come up with an amazing line of products to cover up all musty or nasty scents.

  • Career Options For Engineering
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    Surprising Career Options For Engineering

    engineering spoof article: So you are here because you took the engineering degree. Chances are that either you were pushed into pursuing it because of well, pushy parents, or perhaps something addled your brain while you were out late at night getting high.

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    Balencia Sells Mouldy Stuff For Several Thousand Dollars

    Balenciaga has recently announced its plans to sell more stuff that might look like it was pulled out a grandma’s old chest after she succumbed to a heart attack. Only recently, Balencia, the famous luxury brand that has perfected the art of selling junk at absurd prices, sold its torn-down shoes for 1850 dollars.

  • Panic Attack
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    What Not to Say To Someone With a Panic Attack

    We all have our panic attacks, don’t we? When we find out that we sent the corporate hating email accidentally to our boss, or when our mother-in-law is visiting home, we receive shivers down our spine. Or when we realize that we haven’t made the report that our boss demanded a month ago, we are surely about to enter into panic mode.

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