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    Different Types Of Laughter – Laugh Out Loud!

    Ever heard a joke that had you flying to the roof with laughter? There are certainly such jokes out there that can invoke such a reaction within you. There are of course different kinds of jokes. And depending on their intensity, they will invoke different reactions within you. Of course like jokes, there are different kinds of laughter too.

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    Elon Musk Wants Another Twitter, Or Does He?

    Only recently, Elon Musk, the alien guise of a human being who clearly wants to return to his secret home among the stars has dropped a bomb. The American billionaire who occasionally likes to poke fun at cryptocurrencies, Russian warlords, and the latest trends has recently picked a new fad to explore. Elon Musk has shown a desire to have a social media platform of his own after claiming that Twitter didn’t allow free speech.

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    Best Chris Rock X Will Smith Memes

    Nobody knew when the Oscars were held, neither did any of us care about them. We most definitely didn’t even know who was invited, and who wasn’t there. However, now we know that all those who were present had the experience of their lifetime. And those who were absent are now going to regret it forever. Why? Well our guess is that you already know!

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    6 Best Memes Of Elon Musk In The Year 2022

    Elon Musk is also changing the world with his wonderful innovations. However, his name has also been involved in many controversial topics. Considering how much fodder for memes the founder of OpenAI and Neuralink is, the memers made it their sacred duty to make as many memes of Elon Musk as possible.

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    Things Not Going Your Way? Blame It On Horoscope!

    The best thing is that they are too far away to listen to you wailing about your life’s tragedies, and you can curse them as much as you want to. They won’t smack your head for it. Given below is the list of convincing reasons for how you can be an absolute jerk and still blame it on the wrong rotation of stars and planets.

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