‘Boys will be Boys’: CSS Sparks Debate on Social Media

The phrase “Boys will be boys” became the top trend in Pakistan on Wednesday after appearing as a topic in the English section of the Central Superior Services (CSS) 2023 examinations.

CSS2023: Boys will be Boys
CSS2023: Boys will be Boys

On the first day of the 2023 Central Superior Services (CSS) examination, the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) asked students to write an essay on “boys will be boys,” sparking a heated debate on social media.

The CSS examination is considered to be Pakistan’s topmost competitive examination, applied for by over tens of thousands of students each year. People have high expectations for the examination body and the questions it asks in the tests because of the prestige and discipline of the test and the crucial role it plays in the administration of the country’s civil service.

One of the most challenging aspects of the CSS exams is the English essay. Candidates and the public were shocked when this topic appeared as a possible answer choice on the first exam, the formidable essay.

Immediately after the exams were over, participants took to social media to discuss the improbable inclusion of the topic in the tests. The actual scenario was explained well by the tweets.

This indeed has given the girls leverage over the boys.







This ‘boys will be Boys’is actually in favor of women as it targets toxic boys’ masculinity and male privilege over women.

Meanwhile, another writer in the same sense said, “Uturn by FPSC. Yet, it’s a good one. Logic and reason have overtaken ‘ratta and ritual practices. Privately run academies have become old and outdated. Well done!

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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