Naimal Khawar Criticised for Allegedly undergoing Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a popular topic of discussion on social media after Naimal’s facial surgery, whereas Naimal Khawar herself encourages people to be nice and resilient.

Naimal Khawar, a Pakistani actress and the wife of Hamza Ali Abbasi has been harshly attacked on social media by people who said she had plastic surgery.

Netizens have recently started to comment on her Instagram photos, saying that the actress looked completely different because she had had rhinoplasty and lip fillers, among other face surgeries.

Her fans began to compare her to the model Sara Loren, who is also called “Pakistani Mona Liza.”
Many people said the star had “ruined her beauty” by getting lip fillers and plastic surgery.

Some thought that Naimal’s face surgery was done by Hamza’s sister, Dr. Fazeela Abbasi, a famous dermatologist and skin expert. The tweets say it all.

Some of them, though, said that this was Naimal’s business and asked the critics to stay away.

Naimal Khawar who has undergone plastic surgery also responded to a user who said, “[You’re] beautiful. Don’t let these negative comments bring you down. You look absolutely amazing in nature. You’re still the same Naimal. Be strong and confident always.”

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When she heard this, she said, “Thank you. I wish more people on social media would be kind.”

In the past few months, Naimal has shared several photoshoots for different fashion brands. Because her face looked different, many people thought she may have had plastic surgery. People’s responses to this theory were written up on several online sites.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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