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    Johnny Depp v Amber Heard – What’s New In The Trial

    The defamation trial of Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard is all the news these days however, the public are deeply confused. Amber Heard has accused Johnny Depp of being a self-described “monster”, hitting her repeatedly during jealous drug-induced rages, breaking furniture etc while Johnny Depp testified that he never struck Heard, and that, in fact, he was the victim of abuse, and was punched and struck by his wife on many occasions.

  • Devsinc
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    Devsinc: The Fastest Growing IT Company In Pakistan

    In recent years, IT has become one of the important pillars of economical development giving it much-needed support. The sector has revolutionized and upgraded itself with software development, freelancing, etc. the last three years have been crucial and have paid off the efforts of the years of work. IT exports have increased 70 % and Pakistan was ranked  4th for freelancer development for straight three years. The government has stepped in to support the industry with its  Pakistan Vision 2025 and the Digital policy of Pakistan 2018.

  • Sindh Goes Eco-Friendly: Converting Waste To Energy
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    Sindh Goes Eco-Friendly: Converting Waste To Energy

    In 2021, the Sindh Cabinet had approved to generation of electricity from the municipal waste of Karachi. Karachi had two landfill sites Jam Chakro and Gond Pass (500 acres each), where waste is dumped. The city generates 10,000 tonnes of waste daily which could be converted into 50MW renewable energy to lessen the electricity shortfall. Waste-to-energy plants were to be installed in other cities of Sindh.

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