Ushna Shah and Osman Khalid Butt Speak Out on Palestinian Cause

Ushna Shah and Osman Khalid Butt have emerged as prominent voices in support of the Palestinian cause, consistently advocating for the rights and freedom of the Palestinian people. Their efforts have not only involved raising awareness but also engaging in debates and discussions to counter opposition and shed light on the situation in Palestine.


In response to a post on a social media platform (referred to as “X”), where the use of the term “Zionist” was questioned, Osman Khalid Butt delivered a strong rebuttal. He stated that calling someone a Zionist shouldn’t be considered an insult but rather a factual description. He argued that Zionism, as a political movement, has been historically associated with colonialism and racism, particularly in its role in the displacement and suffering of Palestinians. This response from Osman highlights his commitment to addressing the core issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Osman also showed his support for Piers Morgan, who had shared an image depicting the destruction in Palestine and criticized Israel for targeting Gaza’s largest refugee camp. Osman’s “Welcome to the right side of history” comment indicates his approval of Piers Morgan’s stance on this issue.


However, Osman was quick to clarify that his support for Piers Morgan’s statement should not be seen as an endorsement of Piers as a whole. He suggested that similar to Jordan Peterson’s situation, the motivation behind such statements might sometimes be driven by the desire to generate engagement or provoke reactions on social media, rather than a genuine commitment to the cause. This highlights Osman’s skepticism about the authenticity of some public statements regarding the Palestinian cause.


On the other hand, Ushna Shah has also been actively involved in advocating for the Palestinian cause. In her conversation with The Express Tribune, she described her commitment to this issue as a calling, emphasizing the significance of a global response.


Ushna took to social media to call on people worldwide to imagine the impact if all those who recognize the Palestinian situation as genocide and ethnic cleansing actively spoke out against it. She pointed out that a unified effort from consumers, employees, artists, filmmakers, influencers, politicians, and others with the power to make a difference could bring about a significant change. Ushna made a clear distinction between those who genuinely support the Zionist movement and those who remain silent on the issue, stressing that it’s the silence that needs to be addressed.


Moreover, Ushna shared a post by singer Lauren Jauregui, who emphasized the importance of spreading awareness and holding elected officials accountable for their role in the ongoing conflict. Ushna’s agreement with the post by stating “What she said” underscores her alignment with Lauren Jauregui’s views.


Finally, Ushna reacted to a post by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, where he condemned Hamas. She questioned why condemning Hamas is often seen as a prerequisite for expressing sympathy for innocent Palestinian civilians affected by the conflict. Ushna argued that the condemnation of illegal occupation, apartheid, and violence against civilians should take precedence. She refused to equate the condemnation of Hamas with the broader suffering and displacement of the Palestinian people, and she accused this practice of catering to a sense of entitlement and a supremacist attitude.


In essence, both Ushna Shah and Osman Khalid Butt have become vocal advocates for the Palestinian cause, challenging the status quo and urging for a more nuanced and empathetic understanding of the complexities surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Their online presence and engagement reflect their deep commitment to this important humanitarian issue.

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