Top 15 Pakistani dramas of 2024: Released and upcoming

here is the list of Top 15  best Pakistani dramas of 2024 with amazing stories, performances, and what were those things that made people addicted to them.

Top 15 Pakistani dramas of 2024

The Pakistani television industry has always had a rich tradition of storytelling. Moving forth with the year 2024, the scene of Pakistani drama industry takes another gradual turn, reflecting not only entertainment but touching on some very key social issues—thus an explosive drama-enthusiastic year. Without any further ado, here is the list of Top 15  best Pakistani dramas of 2024 with amazing stories, performances, and what were those things that made people addicted to them.

1.Tere Bin Season 2

Starting with a much-awaited sequel to the loved drama “Tere Bin,” the drama continued to keep really high expectations and already reigned in the audience, promising another roller coaster of their emotions. And therein would lie the chemistry of the lead pair, either re-ignited or anew altogether, that can redefine television narratives, in making “Tere Bin Season 2” an absolute must-watch setting TRP charts on fire.

2.Jan e Jahan


Next up is “Jan e Jahan,” which has already become the talking point before its airing. Bringing audiences connecting to the emotional depth “Pyare Afzal” carried, this drama too promises a blend of romance with drama bound to keep one glued. The anticipation around its release indicates a collective eagerness to dive into its romantic depths once again.


“Akhara” stars Feroze Khan in a thrilling amalgamation of action and romance. An unusual setting of combat and competitive spirit at high production value has made “Akhara” one of the best serial of the year. Feroze Khan’s performance, in particular, is highly awaited, with expectations of a dynamic on-screen presence.


Boasting of a stellar cast, “Khai” is bound to mesmerize the audiences with the production values of top order, riveting narrative, and high-octane drama. The character of Faisal Qureshi stands like the ocean of intrigue and suspense, bringing huge visibility for the series. The drama had received notice as an incident in a year and had cinematic teasers of the surety to ensure an experience more significant than ordinary vision on the television screen.


Delving into deep and arduous themes with its narrative, Grey really becomes the hallmark of ambitious storytelling and a powerful cast led by Sami Khan and Sabina Farooq. Exploring sensitive social issues like those addressed at an even deeper level than ever before, this drama is all set to reveal performances that are career-defining for its main leads.


based on the theme of strong family relations and the compromises entailed within them. “The movie, with its ensemble cast led by Javed Sheikh and Momina Iqbal, brings forth the poignant and endearing story, definitely up for a watch by drama lovers, which focuses on family-based themes.

7.Tere Bina Mein Nahi

It’s a drama that turns around love and sacrifice. This is a deep story of one-sided love with Shehzad Sheikh and Aiza Awan playing characters who can go to any limits for friendship and devotion.

8.Muqaddar Ka Sitara

“Muqaddar Ka Sitara,” reels an interesting story of full love, betrayal, and redemption. Due to the fact that its airing is on an everyday schedule, the drama continues.

9.Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha

The drama is based on a love triangle; it has an emotional chord and nail-biting acting of the lead cast, including Hania Aamir. This drama has character dynamics and a very relatable story.

10.Tere Bin

The sizzling chemistry between Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali has made “Tere Bin” a hot favorite among the audience. The drama has a very emotional storyline with very powerful character development, which reaches a larger crowd, Making it to the top 15 list.


The highlight of this star-studded movie is an engaging script and powerful performances. The film is produced by iDream Productions, which will bring a tale of a scheming story, full of drama, to keep the viewers tied up.

12.Pyari Mona

Unfolding the rather heavy issue of body shaming with a mix of light humor and drama, “Pyari Mona” is the story told true and boasts of characters one will definitely relate to. Sanam Jung literally lived up to her role very naturally and authentically.

13.Kuch Ankahi

A joint production of Kashf Foundation, Kuch Ankahi, actually points out some very relevant social issues through the medium of comedy and drama. It’s an ensemble cast with some really strong performances that truly makes it one of those must-watch for everybody who’s fond of content that brings something to the table in terms of bringing that conversation forward.

14.Mayi Ri

Tackling a socially pressing problem like child marriage, “Mayi Ri” comes to the fore for its bold storytelling and a strong narrative. On the other hand, Aina Asif in the main lead performs with a lot of empathy and realism, making a very important addition to the landscape of Pakistani industry this year. All this while, the show is committed to bring one such important social issue forward by means of its narrative, which the audience has highly liked and hence makes a place among the dramas affecting the impact.


Rounding up the list is one of the dramas which has risen quite rapidly through the ranks and reached a category of a “must watch”: “Pinjra.” Being aired on ARY Television, this one seems to revolve around the lives of kids with differing mental faculties against the backdrop of two diametrically opposite families. The drama opens to the viewers their journey through hardships and eventual triumph in an extremely touching and inspirational presentation. With a storyline like no other and very touching narratives.

In 2024, Pakistani television presented such a bouquet of dramas which were not only an item of entertainment but were strong enough to make the viewer think beyond the storyline. From the brink of harrowing social injustices to an unraveling of human relationships, these find themselves standing as modern standards of quality content. This list  comes into focus with the talent and creativity that had been silently brewing in the industry. These stories—of such cultural richness and immediacy—are further reasons for this treasure to endear itself to the global audience, and above all, point to just how timely is the fact that the universality of Pakistani storytelling has never been more imperative. Future projects will surely be something to look forward to with much anticipation as we forge on ahead, knowing that we will be able to do our part in sharing stories that truly reflect the complex and beautiful nature of human existence.


Written by Istafa Ali


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