Alarming Pakistani Drama Bandish 2 will Haunt you

Review of the first episode of Bandish2: Beginning of another dramatic and creepy series

The terrifying Pakistani Drama Bandish 2 is Finally here

Bandish was one of the few horror dramas that garner significant attention in Pakistan when it was released. Talking about the reviews, people went crazy for this Abis Raza directorial, which combines horror, thrills, and black magic. The drama has standout turns from Hira Mani, Zubab Rana, and Marina Khan, making it one of Pakistan’s finest horror films. But the good news is that Bandish 2 is finally here.

Bandish2, an Ary digital drama serial, is a brand new drama serial centered on the idea of black magic. Bandish 2 is a film directed by Aabis Raza and written by Syed Nabeel and Shahid Nizami. It would appear that the 2019 horror thriller Bandish, which had elements of the supernatural and maybe black magic, has a sequel titled Bandish 2.

With the announcement of Bandish Season 2, fans have been waiting with bated breath for further information. Bandish 2 returns with the same cast as the original, including Affan Waheed, Sania Saeed, Amna Ilyas, and Areej Mohyuddin, and the same director, Abis Raza. Fans are excited about Affan Waheed for returning back to the drama series.

Bandish 2’s teaser trailer has been out, and it’s giving many the creeps. Bandish fans are in for a trip if the drama maintains its current level of dark, understated pleasure.

In the opening sequence of the first episode, the character of Chachi, portrayed by Zainab Qayyum, is shown looking at the home. Following this, a flashback occurs in which Chachi’s husband, who was nearing the end of his life, curses his own brother.

It would appear that the brothers have been at one other’s throats for their whole lives, most likely over the question of how property should be divided. Next, we see a family moving back to their family house in Sukkur after spending some time in Sukkur.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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