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    Apple To Stop Producing iPod Touch

    Apple has recently confirmed that it is discontinuing the iconic music model iPod touch. For all the millennials and boomers, it came as a shock. Especially for those people who grew up in the 90s and had purchased their first iPod touch in 2001, it was indeed a trip to the nostalgic lane. In fact for us, millennials, the iPod touch might have been the first proper gift that we got to receive as a portable face of music.

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    Boomer Spends 84 Years In A Shipping Job

    Walter Orthmann, a hundred-year-old boomer has set a world record and a forever taunt for all of our generations by working consistently in a company for about 84 years. While some of us are struggling to face our boss after six months or deeply contemplating where to run off to next, this man just gave his entire life to a company.

  • Mother’s Day Special
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    Mother’s Day Special – A Thank You Note

    Whatever a mother does for her children is out of unconditional love and can never be reciprocated. No matter what a child does, the price of a mother’s sacrifice can never be paid. So here’s a little thank you note to all the mothers.

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    Signs That You Should Get a New Doctor

    There are times when you realize that your current doctor is not the right one. Many signs can point towards that. You are not getting the right treatment, they call the police on you and loudly scream, ‘creep get out of my house at midnight.

  • Cocaine
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    Police Discovers Cocaine Worth 500 Million USD

    workers of Nespresso found huge stashes of white cocaine. Of course, none of them knew what it was. So they ended up calling the police. When the police came, they ended up finding white powder of the addictive drug. The total amount was 500 kilograms, half a tonne of the substance that will make you see and crave stars during broad daylight. The cocaine is 80% pure and it is of the market value of 50 million Swiss francs which is a total of 50.7 million USD.

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    Police Arrests a Bird and Puts Him behind the Bar

    This just in, the Police Depart of a country (the name of which we will not be disclosed but you might have already figured it out) has broken all records of catching criminals. The story took place several days ago, when Mrs. Shakeela, a local had registered a claim that she had been robbed. While she was out there, taking a walk across the park, someone broke in through the window. Mrs. Shakeela had sighted the robber, though she said that due to being off her meds for more than a month, she couldn’t identify who it was.

  • Desi Aunties
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    Types Of Desi Aunties At Eid Dawat

    Just to be clear these are the same old aunties that you have been seeing since your first day on Earth and  will continue to meet till your last. But it’s hard to deny that without these aunties things get a lot less entertaining though easy but less entertaining. In this article we pay a tribute to all the desi aunties who come up with different ways to entertain us till our eyes get welled up often called tears of happiness (hard to agree with) but yes be that as it may be.

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