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    Apple To Stop Producing iPod Touch

    Apple has recently confirmed that it is discontinuing the iconic music model iPod touch. For all the millennials and boomers, it came as a shock. Especially for those people who grew up in the 90s and had purchased their first iPod touch in 2001, it was indeed a trip to the nostalgic lane. In fact for us, millennials, the iPod touch might have been the first proper gift that we got to receive as a portable face of music.

  • Mother’s Day Special
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    Mother’s Day Special – A Thank You Note

    Whatever a mother does for her children is out of unconditional love and can never be reciprocated. No matter what a child does, the price of a mother’s sacrifice can never be paid. So here’s a little thank you note to all the mothers.

  • Cocaine
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    Police Discovers Cocaine Worth 500 Million USD

    workers of Nespresso found huge stashes of white cocaine. Of course, none of them knew what it was. So they ended up calling the police. When the police came, they ended up finding white powder of the addictive drug. The total amount was 500 kilograms, half a tonne of the substance that will make you see and crave stars during broad daylight. The cocaine is 80% pure and it is of the market value of 50 million Swiss francs which is a total of 50.7 million USD.

  • Meteorite
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    Meteorite Passing Through Earth’s Atmosphere is Reason For All its Problems

    2022 cannot stop handing us gifts, and historic nightmares for the history students. It sure is one of the most nightmarish times for a history student to start their majors in this subject.  In case if you were waiting for the aliens, now is the time to shine for our cosmic neighbors. Given the situation of earth, we would beg them to stay and perhaps include them in everything that is happening on earth. That is to say if they haven’t already spotted the earth and its mess, and already decided to ditch this floating space rock.

  • Eid-ul-Fitr- kpk
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    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Celebrates Eid Today

    Ever thought about what it would look like when the whole nation would celebrate Eid on the same day. The sync, the unity, the harmony everything would just be so perfect. We still hope that day comes soon before 2030. Oh yes, something has to be done before 2030 otherwise the whole country would celebrate 4 Eid-ul-Fitrs.

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    Otherworldly Wreckage Is NASA’s Detached Space Junk

    We love to live in a sci-fi world. We all would love to be a part of a world that revels in making new discoveries and loves moving forward while taking sci-fi leaps. Only recently, NASA has amped up our expectations as it passed the news that ‘otherworldy’ wreckage had been discovered on Mars.

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