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    China Confirms Presence Of Water On Moon

    In a study published in Nature Communications this week, the scientists claimed that they had analysed traces of solidified lava retrieved by the mission from the plain known as the “Ocean of Storms”. Evidence of water was found in the form of hydroxyl trapped in a crystalline mineral known as apatite, which is a group of phosphate.

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    Vaping Causes More Harm Than Good

    Vaping is one of the most common trends in today’s youth. Nearly everyone from a teenager to young adults and even people beyond frequently use e-cigarettes. According to different sources and reports, more than 12 million people in the USA are avid users of e-cigarettes and vapes. More than 2 million high school students used them. These stats are taken from different studies and reports for the year 2021.

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    Robots To The Brain – Science Fiction Or A Plausible Reality?

    Bionaut Labs in Los Angeles, California plans on releasing robots that will now be able to enter your brain. You read that right! The robotics laboratory is working with another prestigious German Institute Max Planck. The work has been going on for quite some time, as the lab is planning on conducting clinical trials on humans within the next two years. The robots that these labs are developing will be able to enter your brain and treat your neurological disorders.

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    Huge Comet Heading Towards Earth

    Comets vary in size and shape. But Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein is 50 times larger than a normal comet. It is coal dark, to see it, it should be large enough. Despite having such speed and width, the chances of hitting Earth are negligible. Speculations are that it will get closer to just 1 billion miles beyond the orbit of the sun. This might not happen till 2031.  

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    Space X Space Travel: Implications For Humanity’s Future

    After much testing and planning, SpaceX is finally getting ready to do actual space travel. This Friday on 8th April, 2022, a rocket ship blasted off into space. Space travel was unique in a sense that it carried an all-private astronaut team to International Space Station. The flight is the cornerstone of modern space travel. It is also said to be a milestone in the commercialization of low-earth orbit.

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    MRMB Shaheen-III Missile Launched Successfully

    It is made of the solid-fuel system as compared to the Ghauri program which is primarily based on the liquid-fuel system. It surpasses the range of Shaheen-II, so far the longest-range missile to be launched by the military. It is solid-fuelled and equipped with Post-Separation Altitude Correction (PSAC) system. It suited the Solid fuel for rapid response capabilities, while the PSAC feature provides it the ability to adjust the warhead trajectory for greater accuracy and evading anti-ballistic missile defence systems.

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