How Heatwaves Can Alter Summer Vacations Abroad!

Rhodes is experiencing an outbreak of wildfires, forcing the evacuation of thousands.

How Heatwaves can Alter Summer Vacations in Abroad!

People have been going to resorts and islands in southern Europe to relax in the summer sun for decades. But the severe heatwaves are going to alt the summer vacations Abroad forever.

But seeing tourists fleeing flames in Greece or being stuck inside and unable to enjoy Spain’s hot beaches may make some people think twice.

Parts of Europe had temperatures in the 40s because of back-to-back heatwaves in July. This month is expected to break records for being the hottest month ever recorded in the world.

Scientists have found that climate change played an “absolutely overwhelming” role in the heat, and it is expected to get worse as the average temperature around the world keeps going up.

Experts say that Europe is getting warmer faster than most other parts of the world.
How are people on vacation responding?

There is no reason to worry right now. Simon Calder, a travel expert, says that so far this summer, the hot weather doesn’t seem to have affected the number of British people who want to go on vacation abroad.
He says that the travel industry, travel planners, and vacation companies say that everything is back to normal.

“People still buy trips to the Mediterranean at the last minute. They want some sun and warmth, and they are willing to pay for it,” he says.

As for the future, tourists seem to have different ideas about whether or not the heat will keep them from going to certain places.

Becky Mulligan from Leicester had to leave Rhodes, Greece, last week because of fires. She put off going abroad for a while because of it.

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“I used to think that the hotter, the better. I didn’t have any idea how hot it could be. “I wouldn’t go back to a place that was so hot,” she says.

She would much rather go abroad in June when it is cooler, but her family can only travel when it is hottest because of school breaks.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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