The Federal Cabinet Has Given Its Approval for The First-Ever National Space Policy of Pakistan


The Pakistani government has recently approved three significant measures for the country’s IT and telecom sectors. Among these is the approval of the first-ever National Space Policy, which is expected to bring about a revolution in the national space program. This policy will pave the way for private-sector companies to offer affordable internet services in Pakistan. This move is expected to encourage technological advancement as well as increased investment in the country’s space industry.

The National Space Policy is a significant step towards building a safer and more secure digital landscape in Pakistan. The policy will help to create a regulatory framework for the country’s space industry, which will ensure the safety of space assets and encourage the development of new technologies.

Another important measure approved by the federal cabinet is the establishment of the National Cyber Crime Investigation Agency (NCCIA). The agency will be dedicated to combating cybercrime and will play a crucial role in preventing, investigating, and prosecuting cybercrimes across Pakistan. The NCCIA will be equipped with the necessary expertise, funding, and resources to safeguard the country’s digital infrastructure.

The cabinet also approved the establishment of specialized Telecom Tribunals to streamline legal processes and enhance efficiency in the telecom sector. This move is expected to expedite the resolution of court cases and disputes, facilitating the swift deployment of 5G spectrum and ensuring uninterrupted progress in the industry.

The federal minister for IT and Telecom, Dr. Umar Saif, has hailed these decisions as crucial for the IT and telecom sector. The prime minister has also recognized the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, SUPARCO, the Ministry of Defense, and affiliated institutions in developing the country’s space policy. These three measures are expected to bring about significant progress and development in Pakistan’s IT and telecom sectors.


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