Canada Wildfires 2023: 30,000 Homes got Evacuated

At least 30,000 homes in the province of British Columbia have been advised to leave their homes.

Canada Wildfires 2023

Canada wildfires in 2023 are happening again. In Canada’s British Columbia province, where nearly 400 wildfires are burning, about 30,000 homes have been told to leave.

Overnight, two big fires in the Shuswap area joined, destroying many homes and other buildings.

In the south, it’s hard to get to the city of Kelowna, which is on the water, and smoke from fires close hangs over Lake Okanagan.

Homes in West Kelowna, a nearby city of 36,000 people, have been burned down by fires.
The traffic restrictions around Kelowna are meant to ensure enough places for people who have to leave their homes and rescue workers to stay. It also works for Kamloops, Oliver, Penticton, Vernon, and Osoyoos.

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Hundreds of miles to the north, a big fire keeps getting closer to Yellowknife.

Officially, people had until Friday to leave the city, which is the capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories. Later that day, a person in charge of the area said that almost everyone had left, either by car or by plane.

About 19,000 people out of the city’s 20,000 people had left. Authorities said that 39 patients were moved from a hospital to other places on Friday evening. They were the last people to be carried out of the city.

Shane Thompson, who is in charge of the environment and communities, said that some people had decided “to shelter in place,” but he urged people to leave.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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