Shae Gill speaks up against Faisalabad attacks

Shae Gill speaks out against the killings in Faisalabad after being criticized for being quiet.

Shae Gill

Shae Gill speaks out against the killings in Faisalabad after being criticized for being quiet.
Ahmed Ali Butt and Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui also spoke out against the killings, like the singer.

In this age of fast information sharing, social media platforms are often the place where people fight over important social problems. Recently, everyone was talking about singer Shae Gill, who hadn’t said anything about the terrible attacks on Christians in Faisalabad.

This got a lot of bad feedback from people on the Internet. In response to the growing pressure, Shae has since used Instagram to talk about the attacks from her point of view, explain how she feels, and call for change. “I found out about the hate crimes happening in Faisalabad this afternoon,” Shae Gill  wrote. “I was at a loss for words.

There are a lot of hate crimes against minorities, and a lot of them start with fake charges. It hurts, and you can’t even say anything about it.”

The Pasoori singer Shae Gill  also said, “I pray that this unfairness will end. At the end of the day, the only real answer is to teach everyone. Most people don’t know that this is wrong, but you and I do. Try to teach as much as you can to the people you meet. Change doesn’t happen quickly, but it has to begin somewhere.”

The singer also thanked all the people who came to her defence when she was being attacked from all sides. “Thank you, too, to my friends, who always get me and stand up for me. The singer wrote on her Instagram Story, “I love you all so much.” This comes after many of the singer’s fans commented on her recent black-and-white Instagram post that she hadn’t yet spoken out against the horrible attacks on the Christian community.

“You put up this picture nine hours ago. Don’t you know what’s been going on in Jaranwala with innocent people? They have been hurt because of their faith.

People know about you and you are a public person, so you should have at least added a few sad words about your religion that show how kind your heart is, said one Instagram user. “So sad to see that you could be using your platform to raise awareness about what is happening to Christians in Pakistan right now, but you’re not,” said someone else.

But there were also people who spoke up to protect the singer. “This is to tell everyone that she is a singer, not a campaigner.

This is a terrible and cruel thing that happened. “But you can’t expect her to solve all our problems,” said one user of the app for sharing photos. “People in general and artists in particular need a little more understanding. I think I can speak for all Christians when I say that the Jaranwala event has scared us all. “It’s our choice whether or not to make a political statement,” another person said.

“It’s not easy to be in the public eye and make political statements, especially about something as sensitive as religion,” the comment went on. If you say something that most people don’t like, you become a target. If you’re a minority, this is ten times worse. Still, most Muslims in Pakistan never talk about religion out of fear that their words will be taken the wrong way.

Has anyone ever really thought that she is just like us and that no matter how famous you are, there are always things you don’t want to talk about? Now is the time for all Pakistanis to work together to make their country more calm and accepting, not to spread more hate. Peace.”

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Ahmed Ali Butt and Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui, who are both actresses, have also said what they think about the killings. What faith or rule says that a person should destroy their place of worship? What happened in Jaranwala is sad, shocking, and, most importantly, not Islamic.

Our faith tells us that the most important thing is to be tolerant and treat others with care. “Those who helped destroy the church should be held accountable,” Ahmed wrote on his Instagram Story. Zara wrote, “I am so sorry that the Christians in Jinnah’s Pakistan had to go through something so terrible. We feel bad. Because this isn’t Jinnah’s Pakistan, and it’s not a kind state either.”

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