Google Doodle Celebrates “Ahmed” The Elephant



Google Doodle has created a tribute to Ahmed, an elephant born in 1919 in the forests of Mount Marsabit, Kenya. Ahmed became famous in the 1960s when hikers spotted him in the Northern Kenya mountains.

His massive tusks made him stand out from other elephants, leading to global recognition. Ahmed was known as “The King of Marsabit”. His tusks attracted attention from various media outlets, resulting in television projects, including an ABC series and a documentary in 1970.

Schoolchildren initiated a campaign for Ahmed’s protection from poachers. Concerned about the elephant’s safety, the children wrote letters to Kenya’s first President, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. Responding to the public outcry, President Kenyatta issued a Presidential Decree placing Ahmed under protection.

Ahmed lived to the age of 55 and died of natural causes. Following his passing, President Kenyatta called for the preservation of Ahmed’s body for future generations. Taxidermists were tasked with preserving Ahmed’s body, which can still be found today at the Nairobi National Museum.

The Google Doodle dedicated to Ahmed the Elephant is not limited to Kenya but spans across various regions, including Iceland, Uruguay, Chile, Pakistan, France, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. This global recognition underscores Ahmed’s impact on wildlife conservation and the collective efforts to protect endangered species.


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