Pakistan has Granted Visas to Hindu Pilgrims from India to visit Shadani Darbar

The Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi has issued visas to Indian Hindu pilgrims to participate in the 315th birth anniversary celebrations of Shiv Avtari Satguru Sant Shadaram Sahib at Shadani Darbar in Sindh. 104 visas were issued for the pilgrimage scheduled for December 12 to 23, 2023. A press release from the high commission extended warm felicitations to the pilgrims and wished them a safe journey.

The Pakistan-India Protocol on Visits to Religious Shrines of 1974 permits thousands of Sikh and Hindu pilgrims from India to visit Pakistan every year for religious festivals and occasions. The issuance of pilgrimage visas is an initiative by the government of Pakistan to promote interfaith harmony and facilitate visits to religious shrines, as stated in the press release.

On December 1, Sikh pilgrims from various parts of the world, including India, concluded their visit to Gurdwara Sri Panja Sahib Hasan Abdal after participating in religious ceremonies. They stayed there for three days and performed elaborate religious rituals to celebrate Baba Guru Nanak’s birthday. After the festivities were over, the pilgrims expressed gratitude to the local administration for making impeccable arrangements before leaving. Balvinder Singh, the leader of the Bhai Mardana Parbandhak Committee in Delhi, praised the Pakistani government’s efforts to maintain and restore gurdwaras.

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