Dollar Bends Knees before Rupees, Claims It’s the Grandfather

Disclaimer: This is a spoof and satire article. Many facts have been made up. The parody article is based on the price of dollar in Pakistan.

The Pakistani rupees has officially been considered as a grandfather of all the currencies. In another news, the dollar had hit the rate of 220 PKR. However, it wasn’t that long until the dollar came back crashing low. Nobody was even suspecting how that happening was, nor did anyone have any idea. However, everyone knew that something had happened with the dollar and PKR, and it wasn’t good. The price of dollar in Pakistan shifted.

“It was all very smooth. Dollar was rising. Pakistani freelancers were jumping high in the sky because they are now the new lords. And then all of a sudden, dollar came crashing down so low that not it doesn’t even look like the currency gangster it used to be called. Now, something has happened which none of us can point fingers to. That something is that the PKR is officially now equivalent to 340 dollars. Half the stock market has gone bald, even the women over this occurrence,” explained the USA President Biden on transition of the price of dollar in Pakistan.

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Following the recent development, more and more people have now started investing in Pakistan. Some of the investors are from Japan while most of them are from Russia.

“Pakistan has just become our best friend now. I don’t care if we have our differences with Pakistan. Anyone who makes the USA investors cry like that got my mad respect. Also, I respect that Pakistani rupees has reached a new level,” explained Putin, the president of Russia.

Experts have been trying to find the cause for the recent downgrade in the dollar. One of the social media experts has finally found the root of the problem. According to stats, the dollar started hitting all time low when Kylie Jenner tweeted in her private jet. Her tweet says.

“Dollar sucks! PKR hurray!”

And just like that, dollar was at its knees, and PKR reached new heights.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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Stuck In Traffic – Use Your Private Jet!

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