Is ‘Gol Roti’ Still Required for the Perfect Bahu Title?

In the year 2023, the trend of Gol Roti will likely still be with us, right?

Do you believe that bahus will continue to be under pressure in 2023 to make the ideal Gol Roti? And if that’s the case, shouldn’t we just forget about it by 2022?

Whether we are discussing Gol Roti or something else, the unfortunate reality is that bahus will always face the expectation of being perfect in whatever they do. We really wish that instead of being so critical and demanding of one another, we could just accept each other for who we are. Maintain peace, and, in all honesty, you can just go beyond the societal standards.

But just by our norms, whoever passes this “gol roti” test is a great warrior and indeed a winner and the memes have explained us well.

Girls have found the alternative ways as well just to make their mother-in-laws happy, which is not an easy task.

Our society is being driven by setting few standards, one among which is this Goli Roti. If you are well aware of all the techniques to make this roti, you are lucky enough to be accepted by this society. In Pakistan, you absolutely had to learn this method before you could even get seriously involved in a new relationship.

It is up to us to alter the patterns that have emerged in society. We owe a lot of our transformation to the education that we’ve received. A significant number of people currently only hold the view that education is the primary origin. This Gol Roti is something that each and every girl is capable of making all by herself. So, let’s not correspond to the expectations, shall we?

The Neemos support all of those girls who make irregular rotis while attempting to give it a perfect round hit.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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