‘Queen of memes’ Nida Yasir Strikes Again

Nida Yasir is once again the target of trolling on social media since she was unable to correctly identify the year that Pakistan won the 1992 Cricket World Cup.

Nida Yasir's 1992 World Cup response
Nida Yasir's 1992 World Cup response

Pakistan’s morning shows queen Nida Yasir has made a fool of herself once again with another hilarious blooper on live air, proving that she can beat even her infamous Formula 1 goof.

Nida Yasir is well-known in Pakistan as a TV personality and actress. Her morning shows have been shown on ARY Digital and Geo TV, among others. Nida has been in a number of films and TV shows. Yasir appears to have a knack for making interviewees feel something they would never forget. ‘Queen of memes’ Nida Yasir and her 1992 World Cup response will definitely make you laugh.

The classic Formula 1 automobile gaffe is one example of this type of situation that comes to mind. It would appear that the morning show host who is known as the queen of morning programs has made another mistake, and this time it concerns the Cricket World Cup from 1992.

Recently, Nida Yasir was asked on Shoaib Akhtar’s new program on Urduflix what year Pakistan won the World Cup in 1992. She couldn’t remember the proper answer, and she accidentally gave it out by saying “2006,” prompting Shaista Lodhi to step in and set the record straight. Shoaib Akhtar continued with his questions anyhow, prompting Nida to look for the right response.

The internet is obviously in fit and this is what netizens have to say:

Twitter is not coming any slow for the Queen’s response.

Before this, Nida has been trolled for several other purposes.

Nida Yasir has always been this blunt and gives people a chance to bang on Twitter.



Thus, the ‘Queen of memes’ Nida Yasir gave us another reason to laugh and people cannot take it.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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