‘Kuch Ankhai’ Breaking Stereotypes!

“Kuch Ankahi” gets high marks for being able to appeal to viewers of all ages because it doesn’t have any stereotypical characters.

Kuch Ankhai breaking stereotypes

For challenging the persistent gender bias in our culture, “Kuch Ankahi” has been met with overwhelmingly positive responses on social media.

Pakistani television viewers can’t get enough of the new blockbuster drama Kuch Ankahi. With its global story and a refreshing absence of clichéd characters, this Nadeem Baig-helmed drama earns top marks for its broad appeal.

Unconventional gender roles are not only shown, but also work within the context of the story. The normalization of male and female labor is a relevant success for fans since there is no glorification of men doing housework or women repairing cars.

The popular drama series depicts non-Islamic households and their struggles to give women an equal say in financial matters. This drama normalizes men doing home tasks which indeed is a good initiative.


Kuch Ankahi drama’ sheds light on families with no sons. It’s great to see daughters being shown as determined individuals who want to help their families without being the epitome of sacrificial lambs,” wrote a user. The daughters must be shown to do everything that a man or a boy can do.

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The people of Pakistan love to watch such vintage dramas. Where daughters are prioritized and are not shown as slack or a salve of any other men. This drama is liked by the majority of the viewers. Social media users are relieved to have a “refreshing breather” from what they call “mediocre television” to watch this drama serial about families that focuses on women’s struggles with authority and autonomy when it comes to money and decoding a love-hate relationship in patriarchal families between parents and children. We must promote such dramas often.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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