5 Dramas in Ramadan to surely sustain You

Here is a list of things to see, ranging from Punjabi bangers to a story about broken relationships to love escapades.

5 dramas in Ramadan to keep you fully entertained
5 dramas in Ramadan to keep you fully entertained

After a long day of fasting, you and your family will be glad to know that Ramazan is right around the horizon because it means your favorite actors will return to the big screen with comedies, social satire, and romance shows. There are 5 Dramas in Ramadan that will keep you going.

Here’s your Ramazan viewing schedule, with everything from Adnan Raza Mir’s first novel to Ayeza Khan and the romantic adventures of Danish Taimoor.

Chand Taraa

Chand Tara, scripted by Saima Akram Chaudhry, stars Ayeza and Danish Taimoor. Chaudhry told Arab News that this time the characters will not be linked and their love will not have an enemies-to-lovers storyline. The veteran writer wrote highly praised Ramazan TV plays Suno Chanda, Suno Chanda 2, Hum Tum, and Ishq Jalebi. Her Ramazan special would also show the chaos of combined family life.

“My Ramadan plays are family-oriented, involve members of all age groups of the family, and support a shared family structure,” she explained. There are benefits and drawbacks to having a blended family. It’s not a terrible system, but we need to make room for individuals. Chand Tara’s overarching message, in addition to the subtler ones embedded in each episode, is this.

Family Bizniss

Fahad Mustafa, the host of Jeeto Pakistan, has joined Ramazan’s plays. His film, Family Bizniss, stars Asim, Saife Hasan, and Salma Hasan. Tamasha Digital will telecast the wholesome story of two generations negotiating inflation and economic distress on the first day of Ramazan. In the caravan, a father is anxious about retirement’s financial impact.

Heer da Heero

Amar will write her TV debut in Ramazan after penning Dum Mastam. The Qayamat actress created a lively Punjabi TikToker named Heer Jatt for herself in the romantic comedy. The drama reunites her with Dum Mastam co-star Imran Ashraf Awan. Amar told local media that her debut drama was influenced by 80s and 90s comedies like Fifty Fifty, Sona Chandi, and Uncle Urfi. It wasn’t simply humor; they’d throw in pop culture allusions and extremely interesting parodies of well-known celebrities [who] were relevant to the audience and the context at the time,” she explained. “This is my homage to that era.”

Fairy Tale

As the title implies, this will be a romantic love story! Fairy Tale is a comedy-drama written by Saira Majeed and directed by Ali Hassan about how fate plays its cards in love and life. Fairy Story, starring Ahad Raza Mir’s brother Adnan, will premiere on Ramazan’s first day. Salma Hasan, Sehar Khan, Hamza Sohail, and Ali Safina all play important parts in the drama. “The goal is to transport viewers on a wonderful, dreamlike, lighthearted, and amusing journey.” As a result, it’s a ‘fantasy tale,'” Hamza, who plays entrepreneur Farjaad Khan in the play, told Arab News.

Rukhma Roshan

Finally, Komal Meer and Muneeb Butt will present a narrative of a couple trying to rekindle their love this holy month. The Zeeshan Ahmed-directed Rukhma Roshan follows a couple who argue despite their “funny chemistry.” Raniya (Muneeb) and Maheer (Komal) will have challenging but crucial dialogues that draw them closer. In an interview, Muneeb said that couples should discuss the drama’s themes before getting married to minimize disputes.

So these 5 dramas in Ramadan are here for you to not feel any low after aftaar. Sit with your family members and enjoy these 5 dramas. Get more information from Neemopani’s funny section.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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