BoycottFruits Campaign to be Launched by Netizens

The people of Pakistan are taking action against Ramadan profiteering by avoiding fruit. Protests over excessively high pricing and the breaking of mandated price caps have been voiced on social media.

People have started to boycott fruits this Ramadan due to price hike
People have started to boycott fruits this Ramadan due to price hike

Pakistani citizens fed up with skyrocketing prices and tax dodging during Ramadan, have announced a four-day boycott of fruit vendors, beginning on March 27 and ending on March 31. Several people have taken to social media to express their displeasure with fruit vendors charging beyond the going rate. Several individuals are encouraging others to join the protest using the hashtag #BoycottFruits. Many Pakistanis back the campaign of BoycottFruits because they believe retailers charge them too much despite the government setting a fixed price list.

A single WhatsApp message was the trigger for the boycott. In an effort to get fruit vendors to cut their prices, protesters in Karachi city opted to go fruitless for three days. Hundreds of individuals on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter showed their support for the boycott by forwarding the message pushing others to stop buying fruits.

We are paying three times as much for fruits as they are worth. Especially during Ramadan, when families are already struggling to make ends meet owing to inflation, this is not fair, remarked Aliya Ahmed, a resident of Islamabad.

Bananas were going for Rs400 per dozen in Islamabad, while guavas were going for Rs400 a kilogram. Apples were being offered for Rs450 per kilogram while papayas were priced at a staggering price of Rs200. The most common fruits used in fruit chat (Pakistani fruit salad sprinkled with spices) are apples, bananas, guavas, and oranges.

Several locals, however, argued that until the government took action against the dealers, commission agents, and wholesalers who raise prices, the boycottfruits campaign would not be effective in the long run. Shopkeeper Bilal Khalid in Karachi agreed that a week-long boycott would have more of an impact. Every year during Ramadan, fruit prices in Pakistan skyrocket.

Individuals have resolved to abstain from eating fruits during this year in order to send a message to the leaders.

Ahsan Khan (an actor and TV personality), Danial Afzal Khan (another actor), Sarfaraz Ahmed (a cricketer), and Waseem Badami (a journalist) all called on their fans to stop buying fruit until the government’s fixed pricing list was put into effect. Many of them have spoken out against the “profiteering activities of vendors” and show support for the average people who are finding it hard to make ends meet during Ramadan.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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