Yes, It’s Official, ‘Noori’ Band is Back

Noori, a Pakistani rock band of 90’s era is officially back with a bang.

Noori, a Pakistani rock band of 90’s era is officially back with a bang.

One might think that Ali Noor’s sexual harassment claims would have terminated his music career and dealt a devastating blow to his renowned rock band, Noori. However, the singer/guitarist recently stated that his band is back in action.

Noor revealed the exciting news with a photo of himself and his other bandmate Ali Hamza. The caption on the image marked the evergreen group’s official return that, “Yes, Noori is back. Thank you, Mobeen Ansari, for this photo.”

Noori did play a private event in the city, but whether it was a return show or just a reminder of how much fun it would be to regroup as a band is unknown. But the boys have returned and made it official.

The But question remains that whether the fans will be accepting the singer after his betrayal? Last year in February, Ayesha Binte Rshid, a journalist, released some pictures of her interaction with Noor and named it as a ‘predatory behaviour’ and ‘sexual harassment’. But when an explanation was being asked from the singer, he denied the statement given by her and in return gave the full transcript to be made public.

Noor handed The Express Tribune a document comprising the texts he reportedly sent in reference to Ayesha’s original message. He addressed the problem on his Instagram Stories hours after declining to speak on the topic.

He as well shared a public apology, in which nothing was well specified. In a later tweet, he disputed all sexual harassment charges, saying, “I never admitted to them to begin with.”

For his particular leaving, he even sang a quite obvious song ‘Mein na Chorh dia.’

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