Shaheen Afridi Opens up About his Relationship with Wife

The cricketer revealed that his wife enjoys watching him bowl, but she frequently prompts him to bat as well.

Shaheen Afridi Opens up about his Relationship with Wife
Shaheen Afridi speaks up about her Wife Ansha Afridi

Shaheen Shah Afridi, who earlier this year married Shahid Afridi’s daughter Ansha Afridi, has spoken publicly about his relationship with his wife. In a frank interview, the fast bowler revealed everything from the place they first met to her favorite meal and the qualities she most admires in him. Shaheen revealed some of the facts about his relationship with his wife.

Shaheen disclosed that he had always wanted to marry Ansha on his own, rather than having his parents make the choice. Since the marriage was to me, it seems to reason that I was the one to first consider proposing to her. My brother and Lala have been close friends for years, and our families go way back. So my mum made the rishta (proposal) and everybody said yes, he remarked sheepishly.

Since the two had already known one other for some time, Shaheen was unable to pinpoint the exact minute they first met. “There wasn’t really a first meeting. We frequently visited one another’s homes. He said, “Ansha likes Shaheen’s bowling but often asks him to bat as well on the pitch, so I’d see her around whenever they came to our house and then we met at our Nikkah.”

Thanks be to God, I have a lifemate that respects me for who I am. Despite her lack of participation, “She has always been there for me,” he remarked.

Shaheen, a two-time PSL winner, was questioned by the presenter if his father-in-law had ever lost his fury at him, and he categorically refuted allegations that Shahid is an aggressive guy. He doesn’t have a short fuse and rarely gets furious. Even though he has a rigid and serious appearance, he is actually quite kind and engaging in conversation. He said, “I’ve never seen him angry.”

When asked what he was seeking in a life partner before making this choice, Shaheen said he was drawn to Ansha because of her commitment to her family. The fact that she genuinely cares for her parents and her sisters is the finest thing about her. He went on to say that Ansha’s devotion to her family was one of the things he liked best about her, noting that he seldom saw children interacting with their parents.


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