Wahaj Ali Once again Praised for his Acting with Rabya Kulsoom

People on social media want Rabya to be put in a leading role as soon as possible.

Image Courtesy Wahaj Ali and Rabya Kulsoom

Fans of the show Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha cried during the most recent episode when the characters of Saad and Neelo, played by Wahaj Ali and Rabya Kulsoom, each lost a parent. Wahaj and Rabya, according to their legion of followers, did a fantastic job of conveying the range of emotions that come with such a devastating loss. Users of social media have already started petitioning for a starring role for Rabya.

Twitterati reacted well to the two’s ability to keep their emotions in check in snippets and photos from Monday’s program. The episode’s highlight was certainly Rabya Kulsoom. The young lady is full of promise. One fan hoped she’d soon be cast as the protagonist of a movie. They elaborated on how outstanding Wahaj was as well. “When Wahaj Ali came and started crying in his chacha’s lap, his pain was heartbreaking, and his car weeping scene, damn.”

Someone posted a movie of Saad (Wahaj’s character) sobbing in the car after holding back his grief throughout the burial, praising the actor for his commitment to the character’s development. “I heard that in order to create those intense emotional sequences, actors have to travel to a dark place. I found myself thinking about both Saad and Wahaj after today’s performance. What a fantastic showing. I got chills from it.

Moreover, people are loving him for Murtasim as well as his acting in all respective dramas. Wahaj Ali and Rabya are on the list of good actors.

This a true saying that the year 2023 is meant for Wahaj Ali for his stunning acting in Muje Pyar Hua and Tere Bin, the two most trending dramas of 2023.

One user, however, gave some feedback (i.e., criticism) for the film’s director, Badar Mehmood. I know Wahaj Ali is amazing, but it does him no favors to have ‘teri chaahat mein deewana hoa’ or this color grading playing while he shows his character’s emotional collapse after the death of the father. What’s up, helmsman? Get the tweet here.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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