Adnan Siddiqui gets Emotional recalling Drama ‘Maat’

The post showed that Siddiqui still remembers Maroof years after the drama series ended.

Adnan Siddiqui, a well-known Pakistani actor, recently shared a heartfelt story on Instagram regarding his drama serial Maat. He took his fans on a nostalgic trip back to the days when he was making the famous drama series Maat. In his Instagram post, Siddiqui talked about a time when he saw the beauty of people and how important it is to be kind.

When Adnan Siddiqui talked about the days of shootings in the drama Maat, he told a story that happened while the set was in Karachi’s Jahangir Road colony, where government quarters were rented for the series. One time, Siddiqui was driving home from the set when he noticed that he had left his wallet there by accident. He went back to the camp, determined to get it.

“As I reminisce about the days spent filming Maat, I recall an experience which reminds me of the timeless beauty of humanity,” Siddiqui wrote. The producers hired government premises in Jahangir Road colony, Karachi, for the series during those active days. I noticed I forgot my wallet on the set halfway home from the shoot. I returned to the colony. As I entered the location, I observed Mr. Maroof (late) resident of Jahangir quarters who lived next door to the home we were shooting, pacing back and forth in his lane, his expression filled with fear and sadness.”

“Even after so many years of concluding Maat, I am filled with admiration for Maroof Sahab who overlooked his limited means to extend his generosity to strangers,” Siddiqui said. Maroof Sahab taught us that genuine riches come from helping others. May compassion enhance our lives and may the echoes of this narrative remind us of the amazing potential in our regular lives.”

Siddiqui admired Maroof for his compassion and goodwill in hosting visitors despite his meager circumstances.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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