Iftar Buffet Deals for Ramadan in Islamabad 2023

This Ramadan, if you鈥檙e looking for a fantastic meal at a fair price, read our list of the finest restaurants in Islamabad, providing specials and discounts on sehri and iftar.

Best places for Iftar buffet in Ramadan 2023
Best places for Iftar buffet in Ramadan 2023

The holy month of Ramadan is one of the most joyful times in the Islamic calendar. The rituals of preparing for Sehr and Iftar on each day of Ramadan make the entire month unforgettable. So, we are providing you with the best 5 iftar buffet for Ramadan in Islamabad.

If you’re looking for the greatest and the best buffet Iftar in Islamabad, you have a few options.

  • 1969 Restaurant Islamabad

Turkish, Pakistani, Indian, and continental fare are all available at the Capital’s historic buffet restaurant. Islamabad now has a place to go for a tranquil iftar or sehri with a throwback feel. Their buffet has a live station, dessert bar, live tandoor, salad bar, and hot drinks in addition to the eye-catching design.

In addition to a Desi and Turkish section, soup, charcoal grill, and BBQ, fried dishes, salad bar, main meals, desserts, hot and cold beverages, and more make up their incredible iftar cum supper buffet. It’s a nice and roomy spot for hosting iftar gatherings with loved ones.

Price:聽PKR 3669 + tax

  • Monal Restaurant Islamabad

A Ramadan buffet and a regular menu of Pakistani, Chinese, and Continental fare are available at Monal Downtown, conveniently located in the middle of Islamabad. Terraces both inside and outside the restaurant provide stunning panoramas of the surrounding area.
Monal also offers its guests a unique iftar buffet with both traditional and sugar-free sweets, main courses, bread, and salads. But, a sehri live bazaar is now available for PKR 1355, and it offers both in-car dining and takeout.

  • Des Pardes Restaurant

Visit Les Pardes for some home-cooked, desi-style food in a contemporary metropolis and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time. In preparation for Ramadan, they have prepared a special live sehri counter, four kinds of omelets, five main dish options, desserts, and cold and hot beverages for their sehri buffet.

Price:聽PKR 1,299 + Tax

  • Salt ‘n Pepper Islamabad

Delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere await you at Salt ‘n Pepper Islamabad, a family restaurant with a playground for the kids. At this time, they only provide the iftar cum supper buffet, which has a variety of salads, beverages, desserts, and major dishes. Adults pay the already-mentioned amount, while children (6-12 years old) pay PKR 990 for the iftar buffet.

Price:聽PKR 1,990 + Tax

  • Chilman Restaurant

It’s been said that we offer the best in terms of cuisine, service, and atmosphere. If you’re looking for some of the best cultural food in the Capital, look no further than the Chilman Restaurant. During their 1:00 p.m. sehri buffet, you may find a broad variety of foods, including the popular Biryani and kebab. Half the total cost is due for children aged between 5 to 8 and under.

Price:聽PKR 1,250 + Tax

Spend the Holy Month of Ramadan in Islamabad with your family and friends in order to relive the joyful days of sehri and iftar. These iftar buffet deals for Ramadan in Islamabad will make it easy for you to have a healthy iftar date with your loved ones.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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