Another Drama Serial ‘Qalandar’ Being Loved by All

The name “Qalandar,” which means “one who is endowed with a high level of spirituality,” provides some insight into the topic that will be covered in this drama.

Qalandar Drama among the top 5 dramas.
Qalandar Drama among the top 5 dramas.

The narrative of Qalandar is about a young woman’s unwavering faith in her God and the choices that He makes, despite the fact that the rest of the world continues to injure, slander, and test her. Young and naive, Dur-e-Adan is a girl who has spent her whole life being raised and provided for by her uncle and aunt.

She then gets married to At all times, one must believe in the necessity of having confidence in God and entirely surrendering to him. While we frequently wonder whether our prayers are being ignored and why this is happening to us, this is exactly what one must do.

The idea of putting one’s whole trust in God has been the inspiration for a highly original plot device that has been developed by Geo TV.

The plot of Drama is straightforward but amusing. The drama has a strong cast, and the writing is excellent; each new episode makes the tale more compelling than the one before it.

It is a different drama with limited characters. The story lies beneath the fact that sometimes just staying put and silent and leaving everything to God will definitely calm your soul. Just as Dur-e-Adan still has a firm belief in God that one day all her problems will vanish away.

Her utter love for her husband is what Pakistani women die for and can sacrifice anything just to settle in their homes with their husband despite the fact that their husband gets married to another girl. But again at the day’s end, God is always there to do justice between the wrongs and the rights and this is where Qalandar drama revolves around.

In general, “Qalandar” is a show that is quite enjoyable from beginning to end. Even if the plot is rather predictable, the presentation and performances are what will keep viewers coming back for more. The tale will continue to develop in a way that includes numerous twists and turns.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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