What To Do After Graduation?


Our college years are the best ones in our lives. We often spend a lot of money and time grinding through those years, as well as enjoying all the simple pleasures that life offers us at that time. If you think you are having a hard time there, well think again. The real climaxes are yet to arrive and all those lessons about positivity will be thoroughly tested. Finally, after slogging through seven whole semesters, you reach the final one and realize that this is all going to end one day soon. Depending on whether you slogged through those semesters or you passed with flying colors, your heart will either be bursting with joy or you will be saddened over a golden era coming to an end.

The Scary After-Graduation Period

Once you arrive home in that graduation cloak and cap, it hits you and it hits you pretty hard. Your status is now changed from being an undergraduate to that of an unemployed person. Now the eyes of your family are turned towards you. Some might even start calling you a freeloader now, which kind of makes sense since that is exactly what you have been doing. Your family expects a decent return on the investment they made in you. The relatives whom you have never known now start pouring into your Whatsapp, asking so many questions which makes you wonder if they work for an intelligence agency.

The post-graduation period is, without a doubt, the scariest time of our lives. We are plunged unprepared into a world of chaos and expect the world to be fair to us like it was in our college years. This is especially true if you were studying by getting funds from your family. This transition of finances can be quite intimidating. There is another abyssal truth that awaits your graduation so it can consume you afterward. Sometimes we spend a lot of resources and effort graduating in a specific field, only to find out that it鈥檚 not what we want to do for the rest of our lives. Hey, it happened to me! But nothing is set in stone. After some analysis, you can change the narrative of your life for the better.

Given below is the list of things that you can do to gain a proper footing in your life in the post-graduation period.

1.聽 Change Your Perspective

It isn鈥檛 all fun and games. Though you might be heartbroken, thinking that your life鈥檚 best years are behind you, when one door closes, another one opens. Believe it or not, you need some time to spend in self-reflection and ponder upon what to do next. It can be a difference between working a job that you hate or choosing a career that you are passionate about. Despite what you might be thinking, you are not alone or standing at the edge of a completely oblivious period of your time. You have a chance to build yourself now, and as scary as it might sound, it may be the only thing that your life needs to be successful.

2.聽 Decide What you Want to Pursue Ahead

If you have the luxury of spare time, avail it to the fullest. Quite possibly you may want to continue your higher studies, or you may prefer doing some practical fieldwork, and taking things from there onwards. The best way to decide what you want to do ahead is to talk to the industry professionals and learn from their experiences. Whatever it is you want to do, leverage the free time that you have and pursue your career forward. Often some people decide to pursue entrepreneurship and launch a new venture.

3.聽 Gain Field Experience

One of the best combinations that you can try is to pursue a job in your field and do so while pursuing higher studies in the same field. If you want to switch, do so by starting an internship or an entry-level job in your chosen career and advancing things from there onwards. This can also be the start of much-desired financial independence that you might be craving at this time.

4.聽 Learning New Skills

In the digital era, nothing is out of your reach, especially when it comes to learning new skills. There are plenty of websites that give you free access to useful courses taught by shrewd industry professionals. Coursera and edX are amazing websites that provide you with just what you are looking for. Especially when you are looking forward to doing an entry-level job in a field you know nothing of, online courses can be a big help.

5.聽 Freelance Work

Freelancing is at its peak in this digital era. In some cases, it can become the second or even the primary income stream that can aid you a lot as you are pursuing your higher studies or another job. Doing freelance work can be a big boost for your career, as it can provide you with relevant experience in your field without placing any physical restrictions on you. You can practically be at the top of a mountain with a laptop and stable internet connection, and still, be able to do a perfect job. There are some dos and don’ts about freelancing. If you do it right and learn to leverage online connections, you can practically build an online freelance business.

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