Here are 5 game changing tips by Elon Musk for young people

We often don’t have the ability as young people to see ‘how’ we can do things that will actually make the world a better place. However, amongst the world’s richest people on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, third is Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has revealed five essential steps for young people to achieve success and make a positive impact.

In a highlighted episode of the “Lex Fridman Podcast”, Musk dispensed advice for those in high school and college eager to contribute positively to the world. Here are his five key pieces of advice for youthful success:

  1. Be Useful: Musk advises young individuals to focus on being beneficial. He highlighted the importance of being helpful to fellow human beings and the world, acknowledging the difficulty but rewarding nature of such a path. According to the SpaceX founder, living a useful life is indeed a life worth living.
  2. Give Back to Society: Musk stresses the importance of contributing more to society than one takes from it. He admires those who work honestly and aim to have a positive net impact on society.
  3. Don’t Try to Be a Leader: He shares that true leaders often are those who don’t actively seek leadership positions, indicating that effective leadership is more about influence and impact than the title.
  4. Read and Ingest Information: Musk recalls his childhood habit of reading encyclopedias, not necessarily recommending the same to others but emphasizing the broader point of absorbing a wealth of information and developing a well-rounded general knowledge.
  5. Talk to People: Lastly, Musk encourages young people to engage with others from various backgrounds, industries, and professions to maximize learning and understanding.

Written by Istafa Ali


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