Elon Musk introduces xAI to challenge OpenAI

Musk said that in five or six years, AI will be smarter than humans. He called this “superintelligence.”


Elon Musk, a wealthy businessman, finally started his artificial intelligence company, xAI, on Wednesday. He also showed off a team of engineers from the same big US tech companies that he wants to compete with to make an alternative to ChatGPT.

Musk, who is already the CEO of electric car company Tesla, the CEO of rocket launch company SpaceX, and the owner of Twitter, will run the new company. Musk has said more than once that AI development should stop and that the field needs rules. Musk has often said that he is worried that AI could cause “civilizational destruction.”

Musk talked about how he plans to make AI safer at a Twitter Spaces event on Wednesday night. He said that xAI will try to make an “maximally curious” AI instead of putting morals into it.

“From an AI safety point of view, the best thing I can think of is if it tried to figure out what the universe is really like,” Musk said. “I think it will be pro-humanity because human beings are just more interesting than non-human beings.”

Musk also said that in five or six years, AI will be smarter than humans. He called this “superintelligence.”

Musk co-founded OpenAI in 2015, which is the company behind ChatGPT. In 2018, he left the board of the business.
OpenAI is backed by money from Microsoft.

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The xAI website said a Twitter Spaces event will be held on July 14.

Igor Babuschkin, who used to work as an engineer at Google’s DeepMind, is on the team at xAI. So are Tony Wu, who used to work at Google, Christian Szegedy, who used to work as a research scientist at Google, and Greg Yang, who used to work at Microsoft.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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