Not Pisa but another leaning tower in Italy is about to collapse

Not Pisa but another leaning tower in Italy is about to collapse

Italy has a lot of falling towers. Besides the falling Tower of Pisa, there is another one in Bologna that stands tall and strong, but it might not stay that way for long.

In the middle of Bologna, Italy, the 148-foot-tall tower with a four-degree turn is a disaster waiting to happen from the 1200s.

CNN reported last year that the famous tower next to the bigger, 319-foot Asinelli Tower was thought to be at “high risk” of falling down.

People can no longer look at this tower, which is in danger.

The New York Post says that city officials started a $20 million project earlier this week to keep Torre Garisenda standing by using scaffolding, pylons, and other tools from the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Matthew Lepore, the mayor of Bologna, said at a news conference, “This will make it possible to secure the tower.”

The plan calls for running supports across the middle of the tower and linking them to two pulley systems that are anchored to the ground. Next will be the masonry work.

“In 2025 and 2026 there will be further consolidation and restoration work, which still needs to be planned,” he said.

What are known as the “two towers”鈥攖he Torre Garisenda and the Asinelli Tower鈥攚ere both built in the Middle Ages. The city’s tourism board says they were used for military warning and city defense as well as showing off their wealth.

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