‘Moye Moye,’ the internet’s latest obsession

Trends come and go on the internet, but the latest thing that social media users all over the world can’t stop talking about is the “Moye Moye” trend.

Trends come and go on the internet, but the latest thing that social media users all over the world can’t stop talking about is the “Moye Moye” trend. The catchy song, which comes from a Serbian song by Teya Dora called Džanum, has gone viral on TikTok and Instagram, inspiring a wave of jokes, parodies, and a dance craze.

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That the song went viral is because it has a catchy melody and simple words that make it easy for people to show off their creativity in short videos. ‘Moye Moye’ has been the most popular song on TikTok and Instagram, with millions of people adding it to their reels and posts.

According to what The Quint said in early December, the numbers are crazy. More than 1.3 million loops have been made with Džanum on Instagram alone, and the song has been used in over 302.8 thousand videos on TikTok. The trend is now widely known around the world, bringing together people from all walks of life who enjoy the catchy tune.

The bad side

South Asians on social media have added a unique twist to the trend by making videos go popular with “dark humor.” Many of these videos use cultural references and inside jokes, turning the trend into a way for people to express themselves in creative and funny ways.

One popular video, for example, makes fun of the 2023 ICC World Cup Final between India and Australia, which adds a funny touch to a serious sports event. Not only regular people are following the trend, but also famous people like Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana and even the Delhi Police are having fun with “Moye Moye.” For instance, the actor from Dream Girl 2 used the “Moye Moye” trend in one of his shows, giving it his own unique twist.


It’s important to note, though, that the internet has accidentally mixed up the original Serbian words for “Moye Moye” with “Moje More,” which means “my nightmares.” The chorus’s repeated use of “More” has caused confusion, which has helped the trend become famous around the world. ‘Moje More’ in Serbian shows longing, pain, and rejection, showing how the narrator feels trapped and unwanted. The repeat makes her sadness and hopes for a better life stand out, showing that the song has a deep emotional connection.


Teya Dora, the Serbian singer-songwriter who goes by the name Džanum, thanked Threads users for making her song so popular. She thanked her fans for enjoying the music and was amazed at how popular Serbian music had become around the world. Her sincere message showed how happy she is every day to get love from fans all over the world.

‘Moye Moye’ is still a trend that people all over the world are loving, and Teya Dora’s moving lyrics tell us that even in viral trends, there’s often a deeper story waiting to be found.

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