Sindh To Launch Rescue 1122 Service In Karachi

In concert with the government’s goals, the Sindh government is also playing its part in the social and economic uplift of the province.

Sindh to launch rescue 1122 in Karachi

Pakistan has set on the path of making the health care system and overall infrastructure of the country better. The past 3-4 years stand witness to the good governance and the government’s efforts to turn the country into a welfare state. Carrying on with the goals, the provincial governments are ensuring that the areas of the country under their jurisdiction undergo equal development and are brought at par with other developed provinces. In concert with the government’s goals, the Sindh government is also playing its part in the social and economic uplift of the province. Recently, an announcement was made that Sindh is to launch the 1122 service in Karachi.

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Rescue 1122 service in Karachi

Everyone has the right to health care and immediate medical assistance. In the past, we have encountered circumstances whereby, due to delayed response of the rescue and medical care services we incurred a heavy loss of life and limb. A weak disaster management system has cost the country a fortune. Especially in cities like Karachi, where a huge population of the country resides is prone to accidents, medical emergencies, natural disasters etc. It’s not in humans’ hands to prevent the occurrence of such events but a timely and appropriate response could keep things from exacerbating.

In a meeting chaired by Dr Muhammad Sohail, Sindh Chief Secretary, the concerned officials briefed about the launch of Rescue 1122 service and trauma centre in Larkana. The initiative is said to be completed by May 30th. Moreover, it is also said that in later stages the service will also be launched in other parts of the province.

About the initiative

This initiative caters to various emergency responses like fire brigades, trauma centres, quick response centres, etc. Some of the measures involved are listed below

  • Ambulances and fire engines would be present every 50km on the motorway and Indus Highway.
  • After the ambulance service, the fire brigade initiative would also be launched under Rescue 1122.
  • Quick response system would also be launched after every 10km in the city.
  • Under Rescue 1122 service, around 50 ambulances will operationalize from May 30th.

This initiative will bring significant changes to the civic infrastructure of the country. The launch of rescue 1122 would ensure that the people of the province are given timely medical assistance. We hope this works out in the best interest of the people. Also hopes are high that it does not become just another good initiative lying somewhere on the pile of other initiatives that are yet to be launched.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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