Sindh Celebrates Culture Day With Enthusiasm, Zeal

“Today is the culture day of Bab-e-Islam, Sindh, a day to highlight the beauty of one component of federation,” says PM Shehbaz

Sindh celebrates culture day with enthusiasm, zeal

The province as a whole celebrated Sindhi Culture Day with great traditional fervour and zest.

To promote Sindh’s rich cultural heritage, individuals, activists from various social organisations, and political parties conducted demonstrations and events.

Every year on the first Sunday in December, the event is observed by the Sindhi diaspora worldwide as well as in Pakistan.

On Sunday, Sindh Culture Day will be enthusiastically observed throughout the province and the rest of the nation.

To showcase the centuries-old history of the Sindh valley, numerous cultural, governmental, and non-governmental organisations held conferences, rallies, and seminars on this occasion.

Putting on traditional clothing such as the Sindhi topi and ajrak, the traditional block-printed shawls, helps to highlight the region’s long history and rich culture.

Many individuals bought the customary Topi and Ajrak to commemorate the day, including political activists, leaders, members of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), students, workers, villagers, associations, and workers.

The shop owners increased their rates in response to the growing demand for Topi and Ajrak.

Both Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and President Arif Alvi congratulated the people of Sindh on their celebration of their cultural day. According to the president, Sindh is a representation of love and peace.

The biggest inspiration for us comes from our Sindhi culture, he stated, which emphasises humility and love for others.

PM Shehbaz stated in his message that today is Bab-e-Islam, Sindh, “Today is the culture day of Bab-e-Islam, Sindh, a day to highlight the beauty of one component of federation.”

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