Servis Plants An All Steel Tires For Busses And Trucks

This is bound to make things better for the people and the drivers who have to drive the said vehicles, both day and night.


For the first time in Pakistan, a new all-steel radical bus and truck tire plant has been planted; all thanks to Servis. Pakistan’s first Sole Enterprise (SEZ) situated on 50 acres in Nooriabad, Sindh, was inaugurated by President Arif Alvi. Addressing the ceremony, the President expressed with pleasure that foreign investment was increasing in the country.

The $300 million project with the active collaboration of the top Pakistani and Chinese partners will produce tires under the brand name SLM. The new brand has the quality standards that will compete with the best in the world.

Speaking on the occasion, Omar Saeed, CEO of Service Long March, said, ‘This is a big day for Servis Group and our family. We will make Pakistan self-reliant in one of the most critical industries. Additionally, we will put Pakistan on the map of global engineered goods exports.”

Servis is one of the biggest tire manufacturing companies in Pakistan, and to see them evolving like this and bringing about new things that change and make things better for the People is something that we can’t help but love. In Pakistan, the situation of roads needs a little improvement, and with that to see Servis introducing all-steel radical tires for both buses and trucks is something that has to be appreciated.

This is bound to make things better for the people and the drivers who have to drive the said vehicles, both day and night. On the Highway and the Motorway, we see a lot of accidents. The reason is that we do not have sustainable tires to provide the grip and the comfort that is needed. With that, on rainy days it can get even worse because of the slippery roads, which often lead to accidents and harm to the passengers and the riders.

The people of Pakistan are super motivated, and to see them making and bringing things that will make it better for the people to be able to live and spend their time is something that we all love. May we continue to grow and bring about a change that will only help people and make their lives easier. It is one of the fastest ways to bring about development and to encourage and motivate the younger generations to do more and more for Pakistan.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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