Dubai Careem Plans To Go Crypto!

Next, is Careem using crypto as a mode of payment for its rides. Yes, you heard it right.


The world is evolving and changing every day. We wake up and learn new things but what remains constant is the fact that human beings adapt to those changes. When the idea of Cryptocurrency was first introduced – it seemed weird to people, but then within a matter of months, everyone adapted to it and now we are in a never-ending crypto race. But what’s next? Next, is Careem using crypto as a mode of payment for its rides. Yes, you heard it right.

In a recent LinkedIn job posting, we heard that Careem is looking for a Director of Crypto to expand their business, and bring about a new change of interface to the company. It wants to go beyond and move on to the next step like other companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter – and wants a team of crypto experts to help them bring about the new mode of digital currency.

Unfortunately, this service is only in Dubai right now, but with the way things have been going, there is every chance that it will also be launched in Pakistan in the next few years. Careem basically wants to remove the hurdle of having to carry cash or cards for that matter and introduce something new and better – Crypto.

Crypto has been taking over the world recently, and with all of that Careem too wants to take part in that and introduce the Crypto mode of payment method in the cab-hailing services. And with Careem introducing that – there is every possibility that other cab-hailing services will also follow this and make the same mode of payment method in their respective apps as well.

Careem is, in its own words, “driven by the purpose of simplifying people’s lives and building an awesome organization that inspires … with a host of daily services that people need to move around, order things, and transfer money in one unified smartphone app.”

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said at the time: “Working in parallel, our two platforms will be able to build upon the unique strengths of each, to the benefit of drivers, riders, and the cities we serve across the greater Middle East.”

To see such companies following this pattern, and making lives for their customers easy is something that has to be appreciated and liked. The world is changing, and we are with it – let’s hope we are all able to adapt to it.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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