Pakistan launches ‘iCube Qamar’ its first satellite moon mission

Pakistan launches 'iCube Qamar' its first satellite moon mission

Pakistan has just launched its very first moon mission, the iCube Qamar, riding aboard China’s Chang’E6 rocket from the sunny shores of Hainan, China. This historic event was broadcast live for the world to see, marking a giant leap for Pakistan in space exploration.

As the rocket soared into the cosmos, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and the nation celebrated this monumental achievement. The PM praised the hard work and dedication of Pakistani scientists, engineers, and the bright minds at the Institute of Space Technology, drawing parallels to their prowess in nuclear technology.

In the same breath, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar highlighted this launch as a shining example of international collaboration in space. “Today’s launch from Hainan in China showcases the power of global cooperation for the greater good of space exploration,” he exclaimed.

Fasten your seatbelts because in just five days, Pakistan’s iCube-Q will enter lunar orbit and begin its mission around the moon, expected to last between three to six months. This CubeSat is not just any satellite—it’s equipped with two optical cameras ready to snap breathtaking photos of the lunar surface, helping Pakistan gather its own moon data for cutting-edge research.

The iCube-Q satellite was masterfully crafted by the Institute of Space Technology in partnership with Shanghai University and Pakistan’s very own national space agency, SUPARCO. As it integrates with the Chang’e6 mission, part of China’s extensive lunar exploration efforts, the stakes are high and the excitement even higher.

This mission isn’t just a milestone for Pakistan but a beacon of innovation, showing how tiny, cube-shaped satellites can make a big impact in the vastness of space. Stay tuned as Pakistan’s iCube-Q aims to do big things from its small, cubic frame!

Written by Istafa Ali


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