Here are 3 reasons that are Keeping Humans from landing on Moon Again

First Human Landing on Moon

Get ready for a wild ride through space history and modern challenges! From 1969 to 1972, a daring dozen astronauts made the moon their playground as part of the thrilling Apollo missions. Now, you might wonder, “With all our fancy tech today, why aren’t we throwing moon parties left and right?”

Well, Paul M Sutter, a super-smart astrophysicist from the Flatiron Institute in New York City, points to three pesky culprits: money, politics, and priorities. Back in the Apollo heyday, NASA was the cool kid with a whopping 5% of the federal budget. Today? It’s more like finding loose change under the couch cushions with less than half a percent.

Back in the swingin’ sixties, the US was all about beating the Soviets to the moon punch. The public was jazzed, the politicians were throwing money at NASA, and everyone was in it to win it. Fast forward to now, and the excitement’s kind of fizzled. The political and public will to bankroll another moonwalk extravaganza just isn’t there.

And priorities? They’ve totally flipped. The Apollo missions were like a quick moon dance – dangerous but brief. Nowadays, NASA’s vision is a week-long lunar hangout with way more gadgets and goodies, like a moon base for the Artemis missions. It’s not just about planting a flag; it’s about setting up shop!

So, while we’re not launching moon missions as casually as ordering pizza, rest assured, the dream of more lunar leaps is very much alive—it’s just a bit more complicated and a lot more grown-up.

Written by Istafa Ali


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