Monkey Pox Alert in Islamabad as two cases are discovered!

At the Karachi airport, an isolation ward has been established, to which travellers exhibiting symptoms will be transported.

Monkey Pox Alert in Islamabad and Sindh
Monkey Pox has been detected in Islamabad and has been put on high alert

On Tuesday, officials announced that two instances of monkey pox had been discovered in Islamabad, both of which had traveled from Saudi Arabia.

No traveler has tested positive for monkeypox at the Karachi airport, according to a statement released by the Sindh minister, who also noted that airport management is not authorized to share the information without confirmation.

The Sindh Health Services Directorate General issued a directive ordering hospitals to set aside five to ten rooms specifically for the isolation of monkeypox patients within twenty-four hours.

Safe and effective patient care requires that the space be outfitted with infection control measures including negative pressure, hand hygiene facilities, and personal protective equipment.

According to the report, preventing the spread of monkeypox in Sindh requires constant vigilance for the detection of any suspected cases and the readiness to immediately begin response efforts.

The population in Sindh has been encouraged to be on high alert for the identification of any suspected cases and to maintain readiness to initiate response measures to curb the spread of the monkeypox virus.

The lethal illness known as monkeypox is extremely uncommon. In 1958, researchers first noticed symptoms of the disease when monkeys they maintained for experiments began showing signs of a pox-like illness. The virus may spread from rodents and primates to humans, and it can also be spread directly from human to human by body fluids or respiratory droplets.

Islamabad and Sindh took precautions against the spread of monkey pox after the disease first appeared in those cities.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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