Mosques in Islamabad to serve as halls for Weddings

The mosque in Islamabad has taken this initiative to help those whose families cannot afford lavish wedding receptions.

Mosques in Islamabad to serve their halls for Weddings

The Masjid Rehmat ul Alamin F/8 in Islamabad has opened a marriage hall that will not charge any fees in order to assist worthy families in celebrating the weddings of their daughters in a manner that is respectful and dignified. The initiative of weddings in the mosques has been taken in Islamabad.

This kindhearted project intends to make the memorable day of deserving families even more so by offering a free marriage hall that is furnished with crockery, tables, chairs, and trained waiters to serve food to the guests of orphan brides and other deserving brides getting married. Additionally, the initiative will provide a stage for the bride and groom to stand on during the ceremony.

Additionally, the program ensures that newlywed brides are sent to their new homes in a respectful and dignified manner after their weddings. This humane effort of Masjid Rehmat ul Alamin F/8, Islamabad seeks to give deserving families a wedding experience that is both memorable and dignified, as well as to alleviate the financial burden on low-income families and make it possible for them to enjoy their important occasion with pleasure and dignity.

The time restriction for renting the venue is three hours, and it comes with a stage for the newlyweds to stand on. The administration of the mosque gives parents the option of performing the Nikkah of their daughter themselves or selecting a Khateeb of their choosing to officiate the event on their behalf.

Interested parents can get in touch with the mosque’s administration to reserve the venue. A member of the mosque’s organizing committee, Taj Qamar, told APP that wedding-related events will go on as planned even during prayers.

As a means of dispelling superstitions and establishing an auspicious atmosphere conducive to starting over, he suggested linking the departure of parents’ daughters with the Azan and Salah.

According to Qamar, the mosque suggests that families that are intending on attending the celebration invite no more than 100 or 120 people total, with an equal number of men and women, and put an emphasis on Islamic teachings while avoiding extravagance.

This initiative by Islamabad to arrange wedings

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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